International Golf Construction Company

International Golf Construction Company

We are a very experienced golf course construction company and have been building golf courses in the Northeastern United States and all of Canada since 1957. Many of our accomplishments have received international recognition.
Our team is comprised of people with diverse backgrounds and skills. What bonds us together is a commitment and reverence for what we do.

Our attention to detail, appreciation of beauty and respect for the environment is paramount.


Constantine Paganis (Kosta) was born and raised in Boston , Massachusetts . His childhood summers were almost exclusively spent on golf course construction sites. He had inherited his grandmothers' artistic talent and from very young was able to use the bulldozer like a paint brush. By 18 he had already earned a list of repeat clients that would specifically ask for Kosta to do their golf course shaping and restoration work.

Kosta Graduated from the University of Lowell with a civil engineering degree and minored in peace and conflict studies. After Graduation, Kosta refused a full time position in his field and decided to make a career in the golf course construction industry. He started a new division of International Golf Construction Company and has completed several successful projects since 1991.

Today, Kosta has put together a team of talented professionals who share the same passion and enthusiasm for what they do. Kosta has provided a company structure and atmosphere where each employee can strive and achieve. The combined experience and accomplishments of International Golf Construction assures a well executed project and results in lasting relationships with both employees and clients.


After his military service Antonios Paganis (Tony) worked for NATO expanding airstrips for the newly introduced jets. In America it didn't take long for Tony to leave the factories and display his skill on the construction site.

In the late 1950s Tony partnered up with brother Steve and cousin George Glaropoulos. With their families along they would travel and build. Sons Stathe and Kosta learned young the meaning of responsibility and hard work.

Tony has instilled in us a pride and work ethic. His example of putting the project first continues to inspire every employee in the company.

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